One Hour of Cisco CallManager Default Hold Music *REUPLOAD*

One Hour of Cisco CallManager Default Hold Music *REUPLOAD*

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About the track and graphic:

aka Opus Number 1
Credit to Darrick Deel, Tim Carleton, and Cisco
(Please all you guys, don't sue. This is just for fun.)
I do not claim to own or have any rights to this music or the Cisco logo, I am simply a fan of this awesome groove and just want to make it available out there for others to hear whenever they want.

For everyone else:

The track plays 10 times. Since its 5:37 long, there are 23 seconds of silence after each play, starting every six minutes. There was just not enough time left over to stick 11 plays with less of a gap in between, without making it some weird length (over an hour). I think it works out though if you just put it in the background and chill, or try to hypnotize yourself with the Cisco logo.


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